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Development Disorders - Learning Challenges - Children's Health

Development Disorders - Learning Challenges - Children's Health

Do you need help? Call me

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Westville Remedial Therapist - Carole Jones


Further investigation may be required, and I may request that a live blood analysis be done to assess the following: toxicity, digestive disorders, acidity/latent tissue acidosis, vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies, liver/kidney stress, yeast overgrowth (candida)/intestinal dysbiosis, parasites, blood sugar imbalance, bowel toxicity, allergies, heavy metal toxicity.

From the results of the live blood analysis, I develop a treatment protocol to deal with any problem areas.

For example, probiotics may be used to re-establish the gut flora, a detoxification programme using cilantro drops, Zeolite clay and Epsom Salts baths may be recommended, certain exercises are used to establish correct reflexes in the body, and a diet and nutritional programme, as well as homeopathic remedies/tissue salts may be used to correct any imbalances as well as to deal with food allergies/intolerances.  Craniosacral Therapy forms an integral part of my treatment protocol as it deals with many of the underlying causes of developmental disorders in children – birth trauma, vision and vestibular problems, neurological inflammation, stress and anxiety, to name a few.

No child can learn effectively nor benefit from any educational programme, unless all systems of the body are balanced and functioning optimally.  Unless there has been some kind of severe brain damage, which is irreversible, there is no reason why children cannot develop fully and naturally given the correct environment in which to do so.

Treating children only with allopathic medication, and giving them remedial lessons to fill in the gaps in their learning, will not result in optimal development.  A holistic approach would be far more beneficial, in which they are given the best possible chance for a full recovery, and to be vibrantly healthy and receptive to learning.

Holistic Remedial Therapy will support and enhance any other therapies a child may be receiving, such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Play Therapy.